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Morveren Absinthe is sold in a striking presentation pack that tells the story of the Cornish legend about the mermaid Morveren of Zennor.

This hand-crafted Absinthe has a stunning pale green colour, enhanced by the unique use of Cornish seaweed for both the colour and for a background umami flavour. It fills your glass with aromas of aniseed and delicious herbal undertones.

We source our wormwood from Josh at Wild St Ives who grows it himself on the cliffs near Zennor (just above Pendour Cove – the exact location of the Morveren legend).

Despite the ballsy 66% Alc.Vol, the finish is very smooth and long, with a fresh zing and precious little burn.

We like our absinthe straight, but it also shines when poured through a cube of sugar, or mixed with ice-cold water dispensed from a classic Absinthe fountain.

Whichever way you choose, you’ll be transported to another era of creativity. art and abandon.

Morveren Absinthe