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The King of Prussia, Tristam Davey, Cruel Coppinger - Cornwall has no shortage of famous smugglers in our rugged history. They smuggled in rum, they smuggled in gin, but most of all they smuggled in brandy, lots and lots of brandy.

In this spirit, we've formed our own motley crew of loveable rogues, including Skreach, Jonathan Gould, and Bearded Brewery, to bring you multiple variants of our Smugglers Reserve Cornish Cider Brandy.
After bootlegging the finest cider from around the county, we get to work double distilling in our copper pot still, Jackson. The distillate is then left to mature in a variety of oak casks on the wild Cornish coast. The result is a smooth modern take on this classic and much-loved spirit.

Only 400 bottles are produced in each production run making each one unique - you can find out more about your specific batch on the label. 

Pocketful of Stones Cider Brandy

  • 70cl   |   5cl   |   40% abv

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